Poncho (English version)

crochet Poncho


Today, I put my patterns on ravelry.

After an hour, I already got a message, if I could translate this pattern to English.

I was so flattered, that I started right away. And here it is!

I haven’t written in English for more than 15 years, please be forbearing (yes, I had to look up that word)! 😉


My second crocheted garment. 😀

While I was working on it, at some point both the amount of work and the costs exploded. I used approximately 35 balls of merino wool.

But look at how happy my sister is. 😉


crochet Poncho


This time, the pattern is not as detailled as usually, which has the advantage, that you can use any type of yarn and hook size you like. The downside is, you need to be quite a bit experienced in crocheting.

So, here’s a rough pattern:

crochet chart poncho .


This is the crochet chart.

Start with a circle of chain stitches big enough, your head can fit through effortlessly. The amount of stitches must be divisible by 8.

The biggest part consists of row 2 (yellow) or 3 (purple), they are the same. The pattern is similiar to the Granny-pattern, but the middle dc of each 3 dc-group is worked into the middle dc of the second last round.

Work this row until the desired length is reached.

The shape is more pointy than for example a Granny-pattern. I wanted the poncho to cover my arms, so I started to gain width by crochetting rows instead of rounds. Those are the rows 4 (blue) and 5 (red) on the picture. I merely drew them on the right side of my crochet chart, but of course, you will crochet on both sides. With each row, at the end you will loose one group of 3 dc-stitches, which makes the bottom line more round.


sketch increases
Here you can see how the shape changes in frontal view, when you widen the sides with rows.


The edging is neither mine, nor could I find out by whom it is. Anyhow, you can find it here.

When you finished, there is a V-neckline on both frontside and backside. I „closed“ the V on the backside, in order to have a straight line to sew a hood unto.

I did it like this:


häkelschrift halsausschnitt rückseite


Work one round of single crochet around the neckline.


gehäkelter Poncho


Crochet the hood like this:


skizze kapuze


This is the shape of half a hood, the folding line is on the right side.

Below is the foundation chain. Continue with the basic pattern.

Work the increases (1) and decreases (2) as shown in the crochet charts.

You can see the lenght of the sides written on the sketch. And don`t forget, the hood is folded in half, the foundaition chain must be approximately 74 cm long.


I drew a more detailled crochet chart for the hood on demand.

Of course, the proportions are not right, it is just to show you, how the increases and decreases are worked.


häkelschrift kapuze


The hood is folded along the pencil line, this is where you sew the backsides together.

Work one round of single crochet around the hood.

I also added a row of green single crochet alongside the opening.

Now you can sew the hood onto the poncho. The „extensions“ overlap in the front, you will have to sew the first „extension“ along the back loops of the single crochet, and the second one into the front loops.

Last but not least, I added two buttons, to close front and back side (as you can see on the picture below).

Done!!! 😀


gehäkelter Poncho



gehäkelter Poncho


A very big Thank you to my model Michelle!

9 Gedanken zu „Poncho (English version)“

  1. Ich liebe diesen Poncho, er ist wunderschön und würde ihn gerne machen, aber können Sie mir sagen, welche Stiche im Muster verwendet werden? Ich verwende die englische Version und es fällt mir schwer, herauszufinden, wie Sie sie aufgeschrieben haben. Ich würde es sehr schätzen.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hi Miriam, I really love, love, love this poncho (and your sister looks stunning in it!)! I just don’t understand the end (row 4 and 5) when do you start with the rows instead of the circles to have that nice round end?


    Gefällt mir

  3. I LOVE ponchos!!! and this is one of my top two favorites. It is absolutely beautiful. I have never used a chart, but this will be worth it in the end. I love the stitches used, I love the length of it, I love the trim on it…I think you can tell that I really love it. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Gefällt mir

  4. I LOVE THIS PONCHO …. I have excellent crochet skills, However, never learned Chart/ diagrams …. And since it is in Chart, it’s not in any language ….. Would you convert all the little hash marks and circles into English words, PLEASE!!!!!

    Gefällt mir

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