Summer Baby blanket

This blanket surely isn’t my most original one, but I think it turned out so pretty, that I want to show it here. I did this one 3 years ago for my son, who was born in May, but only now found time and leisure to take pretty pictures, write a text, etc.
The experienced crocheter will notice, that it consists of 2 classic squares: the Sunburst Granny square and a variation of the classical Granny square.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly which yarn I used. I have a big stash of fine cotton yarn from various brands at home, which I mix as I please.
Anyhow, I used a hook size E.

Sunburst Granny

There are lots of variations of this Granny square which differ only slightly.
Here’s my take on it:

Start with a magic ring.
Since every round starts with a new color, I recommend using a „standing stitch“ at the beginning of each round.

sl st … slip stitch
ch … chain stitch
hdc … half double crochet
dc … double crochet
tr … treble crochet

  1. round: ch4, (dc, ch) x15, sl st in 3. ch
  2. round: (hdc4 crochet together, ch) x16, sl st in 1. hdc4-group
  3. round: (dc5 crochet together, ch2) x16, sl st in 1. dc5-group
  4. round: ([tr3, ch2, tr3] in ch2-space of previous round, dc3 in each of the following 3 ch2-spaces) x4

Granny variation

Unlike the classic Granny square, I crocheted the outer two dc of each dc3-group into the outer dcs of the previous row.
Here you can see the crochet chart:

I really need to learn how to use a crochet chart software.

All in all, I crocheted 18 sunburst Grannys and 17 Granny-variations. You need to sew them together in a checked pattern.
Finally, I crocheted 2 rounds of single crochets around the edges.
My blanket measures approximately 68 x 46 cm and looks great in a buggy. 🙂

Happy crocheting!

My cat Malcho – sabotaging my crochet-photoshoots for several years now. 🙂

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